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    Radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment at a distance which utilizes specially designed instruments.


Radionics Radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment at a distance which utilizes specially designed instruments. An illness is an energetic disturbance. Every cell has an energetic pattern. Different cell types all have different energy patterns and transmissions as do healthy and dysfunctional cells. Each organ, each energy meridian, each chakra, each emotion, posseses a characteristic pattern- a distinctive, electromagnetic waveform. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions disturb these energy patterns. Healing takes place through energetic intervention; electromagnetic waveforms stimulate the body´s own healing mechanisms. When the body is provided with true, healthy patterns, inverted pathogenic and disease patterns are cancelled, reducing their disruptive effects and facilitating the natural healing processes.

Radionics Treatment
An assessment of the client is made by scanning the person’s energy field with a Radionics instrument measuring and recording any malfunctions, injuries or blockages. The results will be displayed by means of a numerical value or number, next to each item. The higher the number, the higher the probability of disturbance. Once the practitioner has identified any anomalies, he will then  try to find the cause, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and correct it accordingly.

"Life is like a flame in a lamp soon to be extinguished when the fuel (Chi) is exhausted". The body is born with a certain amount of "Chi" and  is normally depleted by our daily activities and is constantly being replaced by eating, drinking and breathing. If there is balance then growth and health are found. If there is blockage in "Chi" then illness can result.

One of the main advantages of Radionics, is that it takes place at a non-physical level, therefore it cannot harm any living tissue or produce any unnatural side effects. Unlike other techniques, the practitioner cannot consciously or unconsciously influence the test results. You will obtain a true energetic analysis without the influence of your own perceptions and preconceived ideas or the practitioner´s. This is truly important. 100% unbiased.

What is Chi?

The concept of a life force is found in most of the ancient cultures of the world. In India it is called "Prana"; in china "Chi"; in Japan "Qi". In the Hawaiian Islands " Mana".  Chi is the vital force of the universe present within every living thing. Western medical science is beginning to take a serious look at ancient far eastern traditions that focus on chi, the life force energy which flows through the body pathways (- known as Meridians, acupuncture points and Chakras-) of all living forms, in order to maintain health and wellness; mentally, physically and emotionally.



A well trained Radionics practitioner has acquired over long years of experience the ability to gather, control, manipulate and channel with the aid of modern technology, this living energy through a person´s energy field, commonly known as "Aura", and to create over time very positive and remarkable changes.

"Your body´s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to BELIEVE"


Although Radionics testing may have the appearance of a medical diagnosis, this is not a medical test. It is purely a Radionics test, measuring subtle energy levels.
For a medical opinion or diagnosis of your health, you must always consult with a qualified medical doctor. If you are worried about any aspect of your health you must see your GP who remains responsible for your health. Radionics is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, tests or conventional medical treatment.
No medical claims are being made for Radionics healing.

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